Insight, in sight.

Squint streamlines data entry, enables custom procedures, and makes every operator an expert.

How do I rotate the valve for part SP-1288?
10 ft forward
In area
Trusted by industry leaders & innovators

Squint captures and surfaces tribal knowledge, work instructions, and more.
In the blink of an eye.

Combat frontline turnover

Engage, train, and retain your frontline with cutting-edge AR technology.

Reduce training time

Squint blends the real-world with media-rich digital instructions – bringing instant productivity to everyone.

Centralize knowledge

Capture and digitize knowledge, so every operator can instantly find what they need.

Jerrod Simpson
Training Coordinator
Pall Corporation

“Squint reduces training time drastically - it improves the quality of the training.”

Learning & Development
Volvo Group

“We realized Squint’s power and how it could significantly reshape the future of all the learning experiences we create.”

Learning & Development

“Squint enables our workforce with immersive spatial guides, boosting productivity and most importantly, encouraging safety.”

Recognized by prominent publishers

Eye-opening for operators.

Instantly convert videos to AR guides

Just capture an expert in action and let Squint write the procedure.

Precise pinning and guidance

Attach instructions to the real world.

Automatic translation to 35+ languages

Made to match your diverse workforce.

Instant answers to any question

Operators can type a question and get precise answers with references to official procedures.

Schedule. Assign. Track progress.

From training to preventative maintenance.

Capture tribal knowledge

Digital sticky notes empower cross-shift communication.

Rely on data, not guesses

Analyze any procedure, any operator, anytime.

Digitally enrich any procedure

With annotated images, video instructions, and interactive quizzes.

Mandatory Evidence Steps

No more pencil-whipping.

Love your log in

From SSO to badge authentication, Squint makes logging in easy.

Expert Eyes by Squint.

Create, perform and discover spatial instructions on Apple Vision Pro.

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Squint is accelerating human potential.

Squint is backed by Sequoia Capital (investors in Apple and Airbnb) and Menlo Ventures (investors in Uber and Siri). With over 30 foundational patents, our team is at the forefront of Augmented Reality. At Squint, we've pioneered the world's only "open world" AR product — no need for QR codes or 3D models. Create and orient anywhere, instantly. Our aim? Accelerate human potential by seamlessly merging digital knowledge with reality.

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