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Squint is a mobile app that uses AI and AR to automate data entry, generate custom procedures, and make every operator an expert.

Our story starts with manufacturing, a $7T industry that is the foundation of the world as we know it. Faced with a generational inflection point, the industry is in need of a new wave of technology that bridges the knowledge gap between the retiring and incoming workforce.

The possibilities of Squint are endless. We believe our solution can extend beyond manufacturing, and we’re working on empowering workforces in industries like Energy, Healthcare, Hospitality, and more.

Squint’s mission is to accelerate human potential by bringing digital knowledge into the real world.

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Devin Bhushan
CEO & Founder
Dylan Conway
Founding Product Lead
Jim Zhu
Founding Engineering Lead
Ben Weaver
Hareem Mannan
Head of Product and Design
Kim Bush
Head of Sales

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At Squint, we value human connection and growth. We believe in creating an inclusive and diverse workplace where everyone feels welcome and encouraged to share their unique perspectives. Our remote team stays connected through regular team walks where we chat and unplug from technology, and we also prioritize regular in-person gatherings.

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