See what’s really happening on the floor. Any procedure, any operator, anytime.

Accurately analyze real-time data and gain comprehensive insights into operations with Squint’s advanced monitoring capabilities, empowering administrators to make informed decisions and optimize performance at every level.

Real-Time Insights

Access analytics directly in-app, instantly.

Comprehensive Exports

Schedule detailed analytics or complete procedure exports, inclusive of videos.

Platform Support

From web to mobile, Squint has you covered with data at a glance.

Location-Based Reports

Squint keeps track of your whereabouts,
no more shortcuts or pencil-whipping.

Jerrod Simpson
Training Coordinator
Pall Corporation

“Squint reduces training time drastically - it improves the quality of the training.”

Learning & Development
Volvo Group

“We realized Squint’s power and how it could significantly reshape the future of all the learning experiences we create.”

Learning & Development

“Squint enables our workforce with immersive spatial guides, boosting productivity and most importantly, encouraging safety.”