Flexible content and user management tools, built to grow with you.

Squint provides administrators with robust tools for a straightforward deployment. As organizational demands expand, Squint offers scalable solutions to meet evolving requirements.

Easily manage large deployments

Group users, area maps, and procedures with Squint's customizable directory structure.

Login your way

Squint supports the major single sign-on providers, as well as multi-factor authentication methods.

Operator Badge Login

Access Squint using the company-provided badge—no passwords.

Security for your enterprise

Squint is SOC 2 Type II compliant and is regularly evaluated by a third-party security auditor.

Jerrod Simpson
Training Coordinator
Pall Corporation

“Squint reduces training time drastically - it improves the quality of the training.”

Learning & Development
Volvo Group

“We realized Squint’s power and how it could significantly reshape the future of all the learning experiences we create.”

Learning & Development

“Squint enables our workforce with immersive spatial guides, boosting productivity and most importantly, encouraging safety.”