Squint helps optimize energy procedures. Break down procedures into bite-sized steps.

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At Squint, we're inspired by those who build. From operators to plant managers, we're in this together — learning and collaborating to address your most pressing challenges. We've partnered with customers throughout our journey to conquer the most significant hurdles in the industrial space. Let's dive in.

Squint makes it easy for you.
Create any procedure in mere minutes.

Spatial Navigation

Empower your operators to navigate any station or site through media-rich instructions paired with AR directions.

Video Instructions

Poka-yoke any procedure with step-by-step video instructions.

Digital Data Entry

Operators can capture and share photos, text, and numeric evidence.

You ask, Squint answers

Connect every operator to crucial information within seconds, paired with detailed resources.

Comprehensive Exports

Detailed analytics designed for compliance.

Video-to-Procedure AI

Convert a video of an expert at work into a procedure instantly.

Jerrod Simpson
Training Coordinator
Pall Corporation

“Squint reduces training time drastically - it improves the quality of the training.”

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Learning & Development
Volvo Group

“We realized Squint’s power and how it could significantly reshape the future of all the learning experiences we create.”

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Learning & Development

“Squint enables our workforce with immersive spatial guides, boosting productivity and most importantly, encouraging safety.”

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