Introducing Squint 2.0

Ben and Jim
Engineering Leadership

Today, we are thrilled to share Squint 2.0 — a brand-new, end-to-end refresh of the Squint mobile experience. 

Since we first launched Squint in 2022, we’ve been continuously iterating on the product with our customers to build the ultimate operator experience. For example, we heard from customers that they needed an easier way to capture and access knowledge on the floor, so we added two AI-powered features to our platform: Video-To-Procedure Generation, which automatically turns a video of an operator at work into a work instruction, and Copilot, which connects Squint to all your manuals and documents and allows you to ask any question for instant answers. 

After spending time with our operators using Squint on factory floors, we realized that we had the opportunity to take our user experience to the next level. That's why we decided it was time to redesign our product from top to bottom. Our customers need Squint to work in critical environments, so we engineered the platform to ensure they are able to take every action with the precision that's required on a high-performing shop floor.

This redesign is a culmination of many things: customer feedback — which is our North Star here at Squint, our quest to ship a delightful and beautiful user experience, and a desire to establish a strong foundation from which we can deliver on our exciting roadmap ahead.

Here are a few of the exciting changes we’ve made:

Enhanced Procedures

We've overhauled the procedure experience, thanks to the amazing feedback our operators have shared with us.

  • Overview Page: Every procedure now has an overview page containing relevant information to get started.
  • Toggle AR Mode: Operators can now toggle seamlessly between AR and non-AR mode at each step, giving confidence to newer operators while not slowing experts down.
  • Language Support: Teams can break down communication barriers with automatic procedure translation across more than 50 languages.
  • Table of Contents: Procedures now contain a table of contents that is always accessible and allows for jumping between steps as necessary.
  • Pause / Resume Progress: Procedures now allow for interruptions on the floor, with pause and resume functionality.

Squint’s enhanced Procedure experience gives operators superpowers

Copilot, At Your Fingertips

Timely answers are critical on the floor, and getting the correct information is a must. With Squint Copilot, you've got both. Upload your documents to Squint and empower your entire team with accurate information at their fingertips through our chat experience. We'll always link you to the right document, so you can proceed with 100% confidence. Everyone can be an expert.

Squint’s Copilot experience puts expertise at the fingertips of every operator

Area Map Creation on Android

It’s here! We are thrilled to announce that Area Map creation is now supported on compatible Android devices. Teams now have everything they need to create, manage, and access their Squint content from both their iOS and Android devices. 

The best part: this release is just the beginning! Over the weeks and months ahead, we’ll continue to build on this foundation to bring you new features and updates. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s just around the corner:

  • Home Screen: Squint will surface the most relevant and important information to each operator on their customized home screen.
  • Offline Procedure Support: Operators will be able to save and perform procedures while fully offline.

Finally, we want to thank all of our customers, without whom this would not be possible. By using Squint every day and sharing your feedback and experiences with us, you've given us an opportunity to build the next generation of the Squint operator platform. We are so excited about this, and even more excited about what’s next! 🎉