Meet Scott Burkey, Advisor

I am thrilled to welcome Scott Burkey to the Squint team as an Advisor! At Squint, everything we do is user-centric. We take this approach to ensure that we're solving the most prevalent problems that our users are facing instead of creating more technology that gets in their way. With his unparalleled experience at the intersection of Extended Reality (XR) and Manufacturing, Scott will help us uncover and address these problems in a meaningful way.

With over 25 years in software development for brands like CNN, Coca Cola and the NBA, Scott now implements XR into manufacturing facilities. Scott currently serves as the Principal XR Product Manager at WestRock, a global paper and manufacturing company. He loves technology and working with start-ups and agreed to serve as an Advisor to Squint in 2022. Through his Advisor role at Squint, he hopes to help build valuable functionality that is urgently needed on the factory floor. He feels that Squint is unique because it marries the most familiar devices for factory workers with real-time communication tools in a spatial manner, something that has yet to be accomplished in XR. When not putting XR in the hands, and on the heads, of factory workers Scott enjoys camping, running, cooking and riding dirt-bikes. Scott lives in Georgia with his wife and 4 kids. Scott uses Squint to catalog and find spare motorcycle parts in his cluttered workshop.

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