Squint Raises $6M from Sequoia Capital and Menlo Ventures to Optimize The Factory Floor

Today Squint is pleased to share that we have raised $6M in funding from Sequoia Capital and Menlo Ventures. Check out the press release here; and coverage of the news from VentureBeat here.

This funding is an incredible validation of our work, and will enable us to expand our team, invest in core product and engineering capacity, grow our customer base, and continue to refine the customer experience.

While it’s only been about one year since we originally launched Squint, it’s easy to see how our enterprise AR solution is already transforming the manufacturing technology sector. I’ve had the opportunity to see Squint in action in manufacturing facilities across the country, and spoken to dozens of managers and operators. Their feedback about why Squint has added so much value is consistent ➡️

1. Squint’s time-to-value is unmatched. Our intuitive mobile experience can be used by any operator with a phone or tablet. There’s no complicated software installation, no new hardware, and no IT team required. It’s true that Squint customers go from app store to shop floor in minutes. ⚡ 

2. Squint dramatically 📉 training time, 📈 operator productivity. The Squint platform brings the shop floor binder – full of instructions – to life, providing operators with an interactive experience that increases learning speed and knowledge retention. In fact, when using Squint, customers reported an 86% decrease in training time for new operators. What once took weeks or even months now takes as little as one day!

3. Using Squint, operators are engaged and enthusiastic. I’ve heard from operators firsthand that these huge machines can be complicated and stressful to work. Having Squint guide them, step-by-step through the process helps operators feel more confident navigating the machines independently and safely. ✅

I’m so grateful to Menlo and Sequoia for their support, and for our small-but-mighty team that has worked so hard this past year to realize the amazing potential of “create on the fly”, mobile AR. This is just the beginning, the possibilities for AR are endless. 

Reach out if you’re looking to start optimizing your factory floor with Squint. Or, if you’re interested in joining the team - check out our openings.