Introducing Expert Eyes by Squint - exclusively for Apple Vision Pro

Introducing Expert Eyes by Squint for Apple Vision Pro

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Expert Eyes by Squint app on the Apple Vision Pro! It’s now available in the App Store for visionOS. At Squint, we're all about embracing the latest in tech and making it accessible to everyone and the Apple Vision Pro release is our chance to showcase the power of Squint tech in a powerful, new way. 

Your Personal Guide is Here

So, what is “Expert Eyes”? It's our first app made with everyone in mind! Picture this: step-by-step help for anything you want to tackle – changing a tire, making a new recipe, changing that ink cartridge in your printer, you name it. Squint gives you expert-level guidance through spatial videos and easy-to-follow instructions. It's like having a pro right by your side, boosting your confidence for hands-on tasks.

Step-by-step videos and written instructions are
pinned precisely to a targeted location –
ensuring the right help, at the right place, at the right time 

Cool Features to Check Out

  • Spatial Instructions: Turn complex tasks into a breeze with easy-to-create directions, spatial videos, and step-by-step guides at eye level.
  • Video-to-DIY Magic: Use Squint’s generative AI to turn any video into your very own AR-instruction manual, making a valuable resource for learning, improving or simply reminding yourself what to do next.
  • Shared Learning: Share how-to guides with others using a unique link, or dive into the Expert Exchange, a library of instructions created by the vibrant Squint community.
Meet Expert Exchange, your go-to how-to knowledge library

Expert Level Guidance at Work

Squint is best known for our robust, mobile solution that combines spatial computing and AI to make every industrial operator an expert. The consumer-grade enterprise product has allowed businesses to seamlessly integrate apprenticeship-quality training into their workforces, making it as convenient as having your best trainer in everyone's pocket. By simply capturing real-time information from the production floor, Squint becomes the linchpin of operational efficiency, ensuring teams are empowered, operations are streamlined, and downtime is minimized for peak performance.

We wanted to share the best pieces of our enterprise offering with everyone so they can see the magic that happens when AR and AI come together and add value to the every day.

Squint's technology platform streamlines data entry,
generates custom procedures, and makes every operator an expert

How-to happens here

Did you order an Apple Vision Pro? Head to the App Store for visionOS and check out Expert Eyes by Squint and let us know what you think! Take charge of your learning journey by creating your own spatial instructions, and share your wisdom with others in our Expert Exchange. The future of how-to is here, and we want you to be a part of it with Squint.